Monday, April 6, 2015

Hannah is 7 months old

Hannah is 7 months old now!  Sarah and I had a sweet picture session with her yesterday.  She is now saying mama, dada, and bubba.  It may not be that she realizes what she is saying for all of them but she is definitley making the sounds and we have been saying these words to her since very early on.  She is sitting up well and crawling.  Crawling is something she isn't very interested in but she will crawl a small distance to retrieve a toy.  She is still the happiest baby ever.  Even when she is hungry or needs a diaper changed she is still happy.

Here are a few sweet pictures.

New Season

With spring comes a new curriculum for our family.  I posted about it back a few weeks ago.  Today was our first day.  We read about different countries and how Jesus has been shared with these people by missionaries and how prayer has been a huge part of these countries being reached. Our memory verse is John 3:16 and all three of my kids know this verse by heart.  Caleb who is currently in 1st grade is learning to print it.  Noah and Sarah is practicing it in cursive.

We read about the history of maps.  We found out that maps date back to early times and some of the first maps were drawn in the sand, made on clay tablets, and on silk.  The earlier maps were also very inaccurate.  The kids also found out that we will be "traveling" to a lot of countries throughout our Exploring Countries and Cultures.  They applied for a passport in which they will need in order to cross the border into foreign countries.  They filled out the application, wrote a check for $80 to me, put the application and check into an envelope and addressed it to me.  They will receive their passports in a few weeks as we advance through the material.  The first countries are USA and Canada.  For Caleb he learned how to write his address and how to address an envelope.  He's been told how to do this however, he hasn't actually done this before. Here are some pictures of the kids filling out the application for their passports.

We learned in Science what an ecosystem is as well as biome and the origin of this word as well as ecology.  I'm learning new things.  I love science so this is my favorite part of our day.  We are actually doing Apologia Science as well but haven't started that yet.  I didn't have time last week to prepare for the lessons this week.

For music we listened to a song that said Hello in several different languages.  The kids really enjoyed this and we listened to it 5 times so they now know how to say Hello in several different languages.

It's been a good day here at Gooden Homeschool.  I'm really looking forward to the year to come.