Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our annual Honor's Night -May 9, 2013

Our honor's night for our homeschool group is always a blessing to me.  It starts out with Kindergarten graduation where the fathers give the children their diplomas and turn their tassels and if they want they can give them a kiss on the cheek and a hug.  Last year I was able to experience this and it was very precious to me to watch my husband give our daughter her diploma, turn her tassel and give her a kiss on the cheek.  She was so proud!  After Kindergarten graduation every family who wants to comes up and the father introduces them and gives certificates for completion of the grade finished.  The children or the family as a whole does something special if they so wish.  My husband always has something very sweet to say.  He is such a blessing to me.  This year Noah who is 9 played Amazing Grace on the guitar and Sarah who is 7 played two songs on the piano.  Caleb who is 4 recited The Lord's Prayer  with the help of daddy.  Then after all the families went up front, we went and had a delicious meal and fellowshipped together.  Here are a few pictures that I would like to share from this special night.

Noah played Amazing Grace

Sarah played two songs on the piano for her "talent"

My husband was sitting with Caleb while he was supposed to be reciting the Lord's Prayer :)

I was one proud mama that night and I still am today.  My husband and kids make me proud and it's by God's grace we have made it through another year.  I look forward to continue doing school with my children in the fall.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Nothing can even come close to comparing to the relationships homeschooling has helped me to form with my children.

Caleb's Pre-K Graduation-May 10, 2013

This night was a very special night and our friends and family made it special.  Caleb graduated from Pre-K at Douglas First United Methodist Church on May 10th.  He is our yougest of 3 children.  We aren't sure he is our last but he is for right now.  He plays the role of yougest well.  I don't know what God has planned for our family later but I am leaving that door open for God to have His way.  So with the fact that he may be our last child to graduate Pre-K I was full of emotions and this was a very special night but very bittersweet.  This night marked a new chapter coming in my life and his.  He will be officially starting school this coming fall and I will officially have three children at home with me homeschooling them.  I think I am going to like it better this way though.  Caleb was so sweet and I am so proud of him.  He led in the Lord's Prayer and he got a special award for recognizing all the letters of the alphabet.  Here are a few pictures that I would like to share with you.  Thanks to family and friends who attended and made this night extra special for Caleb.

Surprise for my kiddos

What a blessing it was this morning to go and attend China Hill International church in Rhine, GA!  Our friends and former youth pastors at Covenant are now there pastoring and we just told the kids that we were going to visit the church to see our friends.  We just decide to go visit sometimes.  We   didn't tell the kids what was really going on.  We pulled up and Sarah asked what the big bus was doing there.  I told her that we have a surprise for them.  There were some special visitors inside the church who were going to do some neat things.  Noah and Caleb tried to figure out whose big ole bus that was.  We walked in and there was two tables set up.  One table was merchandise from Africa and the other table was orphaned and vulnerable children to be sponsored.  We went to see the Amani Children's Choir from Uganda.  The following are some pictures a video or two that I took when we were there.

The kids were amazed!!!  They were the most harmonious group of singers I have ever heard in my life.  It was certainly a blessing to see these children who have come from Muslim backgrounds in the care of loving Christians and know the love of God.

This was an exciting morning for the kids but the excitement hadn't ended there.  We left church and came home and rested.  Then we went to Jennalee and Jamie's birthday party at Just Jump.  It was fun.  We stayed there until it was time for church hanging out with friends and getting sweet kisses from Baby Henry.

A good friend of mine just had a baby a few weeks ago and tonight was his baby dedication at church.  Henry is very special to our family as is his family.  My oldest child and Henry's big brother are best friends.  So here are some pictures from Baby Henry's sweet and special dedication.  It was definitely sweet.

Look at that sweet baby!  Love this family!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Update on Noah

Good afternoon!  I apologize for not getting back here sooner.  I will go ahead and get to the point.  We went to see the orthopedic doctor and Noah got casted.  It's not because he could see a whole lot on the x-ray that the ER doc missed.  He could see a slight disfigurement with the bone close to the growth plate.  There was a chance of him falling and injuring worse.  It sounded like to me he was saying that it would kick him hard while he was down.  It would injure him for sure if he fell on his wrist.  He also told me that if his son came in with an injury like Noah's that he would cast it just because the cast is indestructible.  The splint?  Not so much. We will go back Tuesday May 7 to get his cast taken off and for a repeat x-ray.  We have a really busy week next week.  I will get to everything we will be going through next week later.  Right now I am going to focus on getting ready for a yard sale I am participating in May 11.  I have a lot of going through clothes to do and a lot of labelling.  I will also be selling some books and such as well.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.