Sunday, May 19, 2013

Surprise for my kiddos

What a blessing it was this morning to go and attend China Hill International church in Rhine, GA!  Our friends and former youth pastors at Covenant are now there pastoring and we just told the kids that we were going to visit the church to see our friends.  We just decide to go visit sometimes.  We   didn't tell the kids what was really going on.  We pulled up and Sarah asked what the big bus was doing there.  I told her that we have a surprise for them.  There were some special visitors inside the church who were going to do some neat things.  Noah and Caleb tried to figure out whose big ole bus that was.  We walked in and there was two tables set up.  One table was merchandise from Africa and the other table was orphaned and vulnerable children to be sponsored.  We went to see the Amani Children's Choir from Uganda.  The following are some pictures a video or two that I took when we were there.

The kids were amazed!!!  They were the most harmonious group of singers I have ever heard in my life.  It was certainly a blessing to see these children who have come from Muslim backgrounds in the care of loving Christians and know the love of God.

This was an exciting morning for the kids but the excitement hadn't ended there.  We left church and came home and rested.  Then we went to Jennalee and Jamie's birthday party at Just Jump.  It was fun.  We stayed there until it was time for church hanging out with friends and getting sweet kisses from Baby Henry.

A good friend of mine just had a baby a few weeks ago and tonight was his baby dedication at church.  Henry is very special to our family as is his family.  My oldest child and Henry's big brother are best friends.  So here are some pictures from Baby Henry's sweet and special dedication.  It was definitely sweet.

Look at that sweet baby!  Love this family!

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