Saturday, June 4, 2011

Feeling blessed

Summer is now in full swing.  Noah is going to cub scout day camp next week. Sarah is full force into gymnastics and is very good at it.  Sarah, Caleb, and I will be participating in some summer activities next week.  We'll be going to the free movie at the theater and library as well as the summer reading program at the library too.  We are having a blast and enjoying the summer with family and friends.  The kids went and spent 3 night and 4 days with grandparents last week.  On Friday we went to Wild Adventures.  Friday evening I took Noah and Caleb to my parents' so that Sarah and I could participate in a yard sale on Saturday morning.  We did the yard sale and made a whopping $25.  I was just a bit on the disappointed side because getting things together for a yard sale is hard work and I don't work cheaply.  LOL!  I've been suffering from a headache, nausea, and a few other things the last part of this week and it has been no fun.  The kids had a blast at Wild Adventures on Friday but I was absolutely miserable.  Today after the yard sale, Sarah and I went home and slept.  Then we came over to my parents and we're spending the night here.  The kids will go to church with mom and dad in the morning and I will stay here and rest.  Good friends are coming to eat lunch with us and I am very much looking forward to that.  Icing on the cake is that the friend has a baby girl who is 4 months old and whom shares a birthday with me.  I can't wait to get baby sugas!  We got a pool for the kids(my 3 and their older daughter) to swim in tomorrow.  The kids and I will go home tomorrow afternoon and rest tomorrow evening.  We have to be in town at 7:45 for Noah to catch the bus to go to cub scout day camp every morning and back in town at 3:50 to pick him up. 

We got really good news this week about Larry's job.  He will now be closer to home.  There will be no more trips out of town like he has been doing to TN and KY.  He had to stay the weekend because it was just cheaper for him to do that instead of come home for less than 24 hours and go straight back up there to work another week.  He had been having to leave at 1PM on Sundays and returning between Friday 10PM and Saturday morning 3AM.  It hasn't been fun being like a single parent taking care of the physical needs of the kids.  He is my rock on the weekends and is good about giving me breaks. 

It's late and I need to go to bed.  I hope to be posting more often.  I did get the whole house decluttered while the kids were gone this past week and I will share pictures later.  For now, I hope that everyone has a blessed and safe week.

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