Sunday, July 10, 2016

Shabbat Weekend Part 1 of 3

On Friday we started preparations for Shabat. We are studying the customs of Jesus' people the Jews. This was an optional activity to do and a lot of work but I decided that it would be worth the effort. A lot of preparation has went into this weekend. On Friday at sundown is when Shabbat starts so during the week and especially on Fridah preparation started. We are supposed to cook for all weekend on Friday. I didn't quite get that done. I'm not used to doing this so I cooked more than usual but not for all weekend.

Friday we started our day by starting the process of making Challah bread from scratch. What a job! But what fun! I just wouldn't want to do this EVERY Friday! We took lots of pictures so I will most share that way.
Our ingredients for Challah Bread

Sarah helped me mix it and knead.

And Hannah helped too.

Caleb too

Noah too. He's actually really good at kneading dough. He wanted to do it like the pizza makers and roll it thin and twirl it up in the air. Ha!

For Challah bread you braid it. The braid represents folsed arms.we are celebrating Shabbat which translates "rest".

The loaves are ready to go in the oven.

This was our table setting.

There are lots of blessings in this meal. Lots and lots of praying. Dad of the family leads prayer over the children laying hands on them.


And Noah. I wasn't able to get a picture of him praying over Caleb but he did. Then he read some of Proverbs 31 over me. 

We all drank juice from the Kiddush cup. It represents joy.mwe also broke bread and passed around for everyone to have a piece. It's not be be cut because the bread represents Christ's body on the cross being broken for us. It was not cut.

We all washed our hands and the blessing was said.  And finally we ate. And there was a blessing after too.

This was an amazing experience to have with my family. I am so glad that My Fathers World sees the benefit of doing this to know what customs that Jesus celebrated. It certainly reminds you that God is on the throne and that we shouldn't let God ever slip out of our minds. Our Sabbath is not over yet. We still have certain things we are supposed to do today so there will be more blog posts on there.

If you got this far thank you for reading. God Bless!

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