Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rainy day

I'll get to my title in a minute but first I need to get this out.  LOL!  It really is funny to me that getting a little bit of poop on my hand from changing a poopy diaper doesn't bother me at all anymore.  Caleb wanted to take a bath and I told him when he finished his snack of sliced apples that he could.  He finished and we headed to the bathroom.  I was helping him undressed when he alerted me that he was poopy.  Me, being the seasoned mommy that I am took his diaper off while he was standing up and without any wipes handy. I was going to use the diaper to wipe him off since he was getting straight into the tub.  I ended up having to go get the wipes.  I made a boo boo and got it on my finger.  I wrinkled my nose up just a bit and went on.  It really did not bother me.  I guess I am considered "broken in" in now.  LOL!

This has been quite a productive day today.  The rain has been a blessing. It has rained almost all day long.  I don't have pictures to show my progress but it's sitting all around me.  By the way, I am feeling a bit better than last night when I posted.  Thank Heavens!  The kids and I did school this morning and I promptly got on to my cleaning after lunch.  I made a nice casserole and done rolls for lunch.  Very nice.  I was able to get my kitchen back under control today.  That is something that has rarely happened this close together.  I've had some things happen in my life in the past few weeks that has placed negative energy in my life and I had to channel that energy somewhere because I refuse to keep it inside me.  I chose to make it into positive energy and I'm doing really well getting my house in order.  I'm happy to say that I am caught up on laundry and I am actually able to sit and relax.  I've changed my meal plans a little bit.  I cook a meal at lunchtime and we have leftovers for dinner.  That means minimal clean up after dinner at night while we are getting for bed and such.  That has really worked well for me.  My husband works out of town leaving on Sunday afternoons and returning on Thursday evenings so it's just the kids and I those days. 

School is going very good for us.  Noah is doing well in all areas.  If we can just keep him focused he will do so well in years to come.  Sarah is learning her sight words right now.  We tried the How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  I'm afraid that we started her on this too late.  This is for a child who hasn't ever been taught letter sounds or anything in my opinion.  It didn't work for Sarah but I plan to do this with Caleb when he is in Pre-K.  Instead of teaching him letter sounds, I will do this as soon as he is able to sit still long enough to do the lessons.  I think it will work well for Caleb at age 3 1/2.

I must go get Caleb out of the tub.  Then it will be Sarah's turn to take a shower.  I will be writing up my menu plan tonight and doing a grocery list.  I want to go grocery shopping in the morning but we'll see what the weather is doing.  Whether I do or not, I'll have my grocery list ready and waiting for when I need to use it.

Have a wonderful day friends and thanks for reading.

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