Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today started off as any normal Tuesday.  I had a very productive Monday so I was very optimistic about how today would turn out.  I follow FlyLady with my cleaning so today I did Kelly's Mission which was to dust all my nick nacks.  I took it a little farther and feather dusted pretty much everything in the living room including pictures on the wall.  My project for Zone 5 which is the living room was to organize and dust off the tv cabinet.  I had several things that I put in my donation station to take to Salvation Army.  I was quite proud of my progress.  I am finally learning with FlyLady that every other part of the house doesn't have to be de-cluttered and spotless before I can do zone work.  The room does need to be at least half way de-cluttered.  Doing the missions always helps the looks of a room though.  After 5 years of doing FlyLady I am finally just going with it and doing the missions.  Here is what I have done so far this week.

This is my desk before I took 30 minutes to declutter and organize it.  It actually took me only 20 minutes from start to finish. The picture under is after.


This is my TV cabinet and I didn't take a before picture but you can imagine the DVDs just thrown in there and very disorganized.

This is going to donation station in the corner of our dining room.  VTech Vsmile, pacman game, and sega game system.    

So today I am feeling pretty accomplished.  A little after lunch my throat started hurting and I had a headache this morning.  It eased off after taking some medicine for it.  It came back later this afternoon and I have really not felt well since.  I'm having chills and such. Hoping that I feel better tomorrow and I can go on about my week as productive as I have the first part of this week.