Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Frolic Event at Agirama in Tifton

On Saturday October 20 our family ventured off to Tifton, GA to the Agirama.  The last time I went there was on a field trip with my class in elementary school.  I don't even remember the grade I was in.  All I really remember about going is when we sat under the shelter to eat and the country store.  I remember that I didn't know to take money and everyone got something from there but ME.  LOL! It's funny the things we remember about events in our lives.  I do remember having a LOT of fun.  Anything that had to do with getting out of the four walls of a classroom was ALWAYS fun.  It never was a let down.

We arrived at Tifton and we went into the store to pay.  We ventured out to the fenced in area to the left of the store.  We noticed a corn maze but we wanted to get on over to the other side of the place to walk around and see all the things to do so we didn't do the corn maze.  We went through the pumpkin patch.  It was really just pumpkins sitting out and around the fenced in area and they had some neat little pumpkin related things.  They had some nice picture props with hay bales, old tractors, and also seesaws and tire swings.  There was a corn box for the little ones to play in.  The following are pictures from that area.

Noah is 8 years old and almost 5 ft.  It's not hard to believe since his daddy is 6ft 5inch and his mommie is 5ft9inch

Mr. Caleb 3ft at 4 years old!

Sarah at a little over 3 1/2 foot

Here's a group pic of the kiddos.
Sarah, Caleb, and Noah

 We rode the train over to the other side of the pond where all the activities at the old 19th century houses were located.  They have them set up for you to walk into them and see how families lived then.  They have a country store as well.  It is a very neat little set up.

We rode a train run by steam.

Here's a nice pic of the 4 loves of my life. Caleb, Larry, Noah, and Sarah

Of course they farmed and this is how they ate back then

Noah got to pull water from the well and pour it down into the water pot for the animals
So did Sarah!!!
And so did Caleb!!!
After seeing the outdoor farm part, we went into one of the houses on display.  It was considered a progressive farmhouse which means they were trying new things to be more efficient.  These were some ladies sitting on the porch quilting by hand!!! 
It was really neat to see how this one room schoolhouse functioned back a long time ago.  There were all ages in one room.  The teacher would call each grade to the front where they would sit on a bench.  I did not know this.  Funny thing is, this is how our school here at the house works.  I was glad to see that maybe I'm not ruining my kids by not sending them to school for a "professional" to teach them. :)  We LOVE homeschooling!!!!
This was the front porch of the one room schoolhouse
The special of the day was watching the Native American dancing

This woman is a Blackfoot Indian.  I'm part Blackfoot Indian so I thought it would be neat to get a picture of her.  Her name was Topsanna.  It means "beautiful flower".

This was Topsanna's husband.  He was of a different Indian tribe.  He is explaining some things from their campsite they set up for people to see how the Indians lived before modern times.

This man played in several movies and he goes around the country doing different types of Native American talks, competitive dancing, etc.

She was beautiful to me!!!
My mom and dad also came and joined us.  This is my mom.  I sure wished I could figure out how to rotate these pics!
See Caleb?  That's as close as he would go to this man.  LOL!  He couldn't figure out why he looked the way he did.  LOL!
This man makes arrowheads.  The rock he was using was from Washington state and it was volcanic rock
As I look back to Saturday we had so much fun.  It was a slow paced, self guided tour of everything.  We didn't see everything so we really do plan to go back and soon.  If you've never been to this place, I highly recommend that you go.  Don't wait for a special event.  Call ahead and make arrangements to let them guide you on a tour.  That way you get hands on experience with everything.  Those are my plans because the kids really enjoyed this day so much!!


  1. Looks like great fun! We did something like that last year when we went to the Pioneer Living History Museum, a great fun and educational day! I can't believe how big the kids are! thx for sharing!

    1. I enjoyed sharing. I love that I get to start back full time blogging. Can't wait to share more of our little adventures. And yes my children are growing up WAY too fast!!!!