Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Noah's Trip to the ER

Thursdays are park days with our homeschool group. It's a time for my children to connect with other kids and have some fun.  It's also a time for me to relax and have adult conversation.  We were nearing the end of our park day on this past Thursday which would be April 11.  Noah come walking up to the shelter area where us mommies were sitting with a mouth full of dirt and his face all scratched up.  He was not able to hardly talk and Sarah my daughter age 7 told me he had fell hard.  That's all I remember her telling me and she said she didn't see it.  I started to question Noah about where he hurt.  He told me his arm.  He could hardly hold his head up muchless his arm.  His arm was swelling and turning blue fast.  I asked him some more questions.  Te moms there with me were wonderful.  One got me a bottle of water for Noah as he had dirty inside his mouth where he had fell and hit the ground. One went to get baby wipes out of her car and another one pulled them out of the pack for me and gave them to me while taking the dirty ones from me so I wouldn't have to worry about taking them to the trash.  Shortly after I decided to take Noah to the ER.  Another mom and friend of mine offered to keep his younger sister and brother with her at the park until I found out something.  I called my husband on the way to the hospital to let him know what was going on.  As far as I knew he was on his way home from work from Alabama and he had told me it would be late that night when he'd be home.  He was a mile from the house when I called him so it worked out so that he could go up to the park and get the kids and brought them home.  That was a blessing to me. Come to find out Noah had been swinging in the swing and in midair he decided to let go of the chains and put his hands in his lap.  He lost his balance and flipped out of the swing backwards falling approximately 5-10 feet from the ground.  When he told me that I silently went into panic mode.  I swear his pain response resembled a head injury.  I wasn't as concerned about his arm as I was a head injury to be honest.  He never shed one tear.  He moreso acted confused and incoherent.  While in triage he was confused acting and couldn't even tell her his pain on a scale of 1-10.  I explained it to him and he still didn't understand.  They put us in the fast track waiting area and shortly thereafter came to take him to x-ray.  I stood outside listening to my child cry out in pain and there was nothing I could do about it.  By the way we've never had broken bones, stitches, surgery or anything on my children so this was something new to me.  Although I did fracture the bone in my elbow shortly after getting married while ice skating.  That was a painful thing.  It was REALLY painful to get x-rays so I was certainly sympathetic with him and just cringed at him crying out in pain.  When they came out of x-ray she asked me if I told them he could possibly have a head injury as he was very sleepy in x-ray and had to sit down half way in between having them done.  Again, I really believe that this was his pain response which really scared me bad.  We got see though and found out x-ray showed just a sprain and no break.

Fast forward to today and this morning he woke up in tears.  Now mind you he hasn't shed a tear the whole entire time, not even when it happened so that concerned me.  I had to give him pain medication today as well.  We have called the orthopedic doctor and have an appointment with them on Wednesday April 17 at 1PM.  I have a sneaky suspicion that something didn't pick up on that x-ray or maybe between the x-ray and now that he may have injured it more/worse than what it was initially.

We shall see at the appointment and I will update you all on that when we find out.

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