Sunday, July 6, 2014


Plans to start school tomorrow have been postponed. I'm just not ready. I thought i was. In fact I was ready and I'm prepared in the school department. The only thing is that all 3 kids have been sick since they got home from overnight visit with my parents. Caleb has been the worst. It's just a really bad cold and Caleb has had a high fever with his. My house is not in order and I'm not completely prepared to fight with sick kids when we really don't have to start school yet. The first part of this week I will be getting my house in order and the 2nd part of this week I will be completing preparations to start school next week. Then on Saturday is the baby shower my friends and family are giving me. I am sure I need to have my house and school stuff all taken care of  before Saturday. We shall see!! 

Lots to do this week!!

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  1. Plans can always be changed! Glad you seem to be going with the flow just fine! Enjoy this time before the baby gets here! School will happen! Don't stress!