Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Overview of several weeks of school

First of all, I hope that everyone had an awesome week last week and an even more awesome weekend.  This is going to be short and sweet.  There will be more pictures in this than there will be for a while.  We've had an awesome week so far.  We'll be making a leaf tracing book tomorrow.  Pictures to come later.
 This is Sarah making patterns with her connect blocks.  Saxon Math K

 Noah is reading Diary of  Wimpy Kid series.  He LOVES them!

 Sarah likes to play angry birds on the computer.
This is from our S-s Sun unit.  We put grapes in the bowl and into the window sill.  Now they are raisins a month later.

Raisins closeup

Sorry about it being sideways.  Noah wanted to share with me what he had found.  It was a pine cone that had been ran over more than once.  LOL!

This week we are doing L-l Leaf unit.  We went to General Coffee State Park and collected several leaves on Tuesday of this week.

This is Johanna and Sarah.  Johanna assisted Sarah in collecting leaves yesterday morning.  I babysit her while her mom goes to class at college.  She's a sweetie.

Too cute

We read a book about the moon on our M-m Moon unit week and made the cookie recipe in the back of one of our books we read.

The end result.  They were YUM!


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  1. I love the raisins you made Sarah from your Ss unit! That is so cool that you made them with the sun. That is a very cool pinecone Noah. I'm so glad you all are having such a great week at school!