Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday:A better day

Surprise suprise!  I'm back already.  We are done with Week 3 Day 2.  It is really beginning to grow on me.  Of course, when I have a good day like I did today after a rough day like we had yesterday things do tend to grow on you that way.

Noah learned today that if we claim to be Christians we must be Christlike.  We read scripture showing us that God does indeed ask us to do this.  We learned more about the early pioneer days and about the Indian boy Squanto.  It was an interesting day in Phonics 2 and math.  We learned more diagraphs and how some are voiced and some are unvoiced sounds. Noah is reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid as his leisure reader.  He is loving it.  There aren't any at our local library however, I was able to put them on inter library loan and I just have to say I love this service because we use a LOT of books this way instead of purchasing the books we need to learn about our theme word for the week.  Noah and I will do a science experiment on air in a bit with Sarah and Caleb watching I'm sure and even participating.  I think that will complete our Tuesday school.  

Sarah and I learned about the phases of the moon today by reading a very cute book explaining why the moon has different faces.  It was highly recommended by the writers of My Father's World kindergarten curriculum.  I cannot recall the name at the moment.  We also reiterated that we are like the moon because we are lights in this world for Jesus.  She is learning about Mm this week in her MFW stuff and about L and O in Saxon phonics K.  We are also reviewing sorting and patterns in math.  She loves to color every day a different color making a pattern on the calendar.

Caleb went to school this morning and learned about the letter A.  I saw on his calendar that they would be tasting apples for the letter A and doing a craft.  I asked him if he had apples today for taste testing and he told me yes.  Not sure if that is true.  He also had his very first share day today.  He took his little John Deere tractors.  He was so cute taking those tractors in.  He also wore underwear to school today.  He insisted.  He is pee trained but not poop trained yet so that was a little scary for his teacher.  LOL!  We LOVE YOU MRS. MELINDA.  Hehe!

After we picked Caleb up from school, we went and had lunch with my granny at Anniston's.  She had a doctor's appointment today so we met her for lunch.  I love being able to meet her and her being able to see the kids.  She wouldn't get to see all three if they were in school.  So many pros to home education for sure.  I am so thankful to have the privilege to teach my children at home.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday.  If I can I will take some pictures Wednesday through Friday of the kids' days and will picture blog for the rest of the week with very short summaries of our days.

Have an awesome week!

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