Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Perry Fair Trip

Hannah is 6 weeks old now. I had my reservations about going but I didnt want the older kids to miss out because of my fears of losing one of them in the massive crowds. When we got into the fair we walked through the poultry building. The kids got to see a little chick hatch. Caleb was super excited he got to see that happen. We walked all the way to the south gate to see what all there was going on and made a note of it. By that time we were all hungry for lunch. We walked out to the car and ate lunch in the shade under the picnic table.

We got done eating and went back im. We walked through the cattle building and saw some mini horses competing. Then we met up with a few from our group and stayed with them for the rest of the day. We were able to walk through the building with the mini horses and the kids got to let them. Sarah especially loved this because she has a love of horses. I have pictures!

Noah went with the group and Sarah, Caleb, Hannah, and I walked tothe monkey show. We caught up with the group at the wake board show. After the wake board show we were headed to the clock and as I do every few minutes checked to make sure all my kids are with us. I didnt see Caleb. I asked Sarah and then Noah where he was and they did not know. I told the ladies in the group. We frantically looked for him calling out his name. I pulled up a picture I had just took of him on my phone and i was showing people. In about 5 minutes but what seemed like forever one of the ladies in the group helping me look for him yelled out she has found him. A lady who saw him crying had found him and was about to take him to the police. When I got to him I broke down and started crying. My fear of losing him in the Perry Fair crowds became a reality. 

After I regained my composure we walked towards the clock to take a bathroom break before the circus. We had planned to leave after that but Sarah reminded me that we didnt go to the petting zoo. We went through that and that was neat. I also let them go in a cage with a bunch of birds and a food stick. They loved that. Heres some pictures from that.

This bird thing was so fun. I dont remember what it was called but the kids really enjoyed it. Beside that was a sea lion show that was going to start about 45 minutes after we finished at the bird feeding cage. Sarah really wanted to do that so we hung out and they loved that. We headed out when that was done. We stopped by Chik-Fil-A on out way out.

All in all it was a wonderful day!! Loved the time with my kids. I also enjoyed hanging out with our homeschool group friends. I am tired this morning. I'm achy all over but what could have ended up being one of the worst days of life(losing Caleb and not finding him) turned out to be a great day. I have no doubt the good Lord placed the caring lady who had him in that very place at that very time to protect Caleb and get him safely back to us. Thank you Jesus!

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