Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hand of protection

Never doubt the power of God or the hand of protection that He has over His children.  On Sunday night we were headed to church and was running a bit behind.  We enjoyed an afternoon nap and got up late.  As we passed by Holt's Bakery right before downtown a small blue car come speeding at us going the wrong way.  It shocked me!  Immediately chills went up my spine as I realized how close we had just come to a fatal accident.  A high speed car chase is not something you see every day in the little town of Douglas, GA.  But low and behold there is was right in front of us.  They were probably going about 100MPH.  As I pulled over I started to pray for the people that this car would go by.  I prayed that God put a hedge of protection around everyone traveling that road.  About the time I was finished three police cars came by with their lights on but no sirens.  They were going probably 50MPH and probably due to it being in the middle of town.  Had I not pulled over, that car would have hit me head on.  I know God had His hand of protection on us.  This was a close call.  As far as I know nobody was hurt but I have no idea how far they had to chase this car before they stopped them.  When they rode by us, you could smell burnt oil so the motor was about to go out I'm sure.  

Tonight I want to praise God for protecting us from such a careless person.  This could have turned out very bad but praise be to God that we are safe and sound at home tonight.


  1. PTL for His protection on you & your family!

  2. What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing.