Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My gifts

On Monday I started my One Thousand Gifts devotional.  I have read through most of the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and decided it was time for me to get the devotion book.  Yesterdays devotion talked about the thin wafer blessings and the bread blessings.  Throughout the day even though I had a lot going on I was reminded of what I had read and decided whether the blessings I saw through the day were thin wafer blessings or bread.  I noticed a lot of them were small things which are the thin wafer blessings of course.  Many were the bread as well.  It's an amazing transformation process to find the small blessings in life and call them gifts.

Gift #1

My front porch

This doesn't seem like much but recently I have found myself out there a lot.  I am house training a puppy and she is having a hard time so when we go out I make it a point to sit down.  I have moved chairs to the front and even bought a small fold up table and put a tabletop tiki torch there so I could light it and the mosquitos stay away.  Those things are bad this year with all the rain.  With all the rain I hear the rain frogs constantly especially at night when I go out there right before going to bed.

Gift #2

Rain frogs

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  1. Beautiful! I had the same moment years ago. My grandmother lived in east Louisiana when I was growing up. During the summers when I visited, at dusk you could hear catydids everywhere. I visited a few years ago to see her grave, and what did I hear? Catydids. You have reminded me that I need to open up and see his gifts.