Thursday, August 8, 2013

Small and insignificant but still gifts......

Today the kids and I talked about who Helen Keller was.  I used her life and how determined she was to encourage my children. It seems that when the older two are challenged at any level whether it be a little or a lot they just stop trying.  I've prayed for the Lord to show me a way to encourage them and to let them know that giving up is not the answer.  I did not realize that Helen Keller went on to get a college degree, learned to talk, and actually gave lectures as well as became an author.  Wow!!!  We watched The Miracle Worker which is a movie about Ms. Keller and Ann Sullivan.  Those two women were very strong and I can only hope that I can be half as strong as them when I face obstacles and trials in my life.  They are two amazing women!!  After we got done learning about Helen Keller we read about the people of Egypt.  That was interesting.  The kids were then tired of sitting and listening so we took a break, ate lunch, and they went outside to get on the slip and slide.  I was sitting on the porch.  The kids were out in the yard in front of me and I was just enjoying watching them have so much fun.  Sarah came up to the porch first and showed me her feetprint.  Then Noah came up and was showing me his.  And then followed my little Caleb.  I am so thankful for all three of them.  Realizing the small things that are really insignificant has really made me more thankful for my children.  I did not realize I could be any more thankful.  It's really possible to be more thankful.  Just try it.

#3 gift: Inspirational people: The story behind Helen Keller and the woman who helped get her there Ann Sullivan is truly inspiring.  Really and truly I am thankful for all inspirational stories of people past and present.  They encourage myself and my kids.  I think it has helped both of them to see the challenges that they went through but still made the best of what God had given them.

#4: Wet feetprint on the cement of healthy and happy children...MY children!!!


  1. counting your gifts will change your life. Seeing the small.... your perspective on life changes. At least it did mine. It is how God rescued me from seeing my life as ... what it isn't to what it is. Thanks for sharing... and for the prayers. Much needed.

  2. Looks like a fun, enjoyable day with the kids! Counting gifts is a true joy!

  3. I love those pictures! As said before, thank you so much for sharing the gifts in your life and reminding us to see ours. I love how you shared you are teaching the kids to see inspirational too. I for one am one of those who should pass that on to mine. :) Thank you so much for blessing my home with your blessings!