Thursday, August 1, 2013

Peace, Mercy, and......*gasp* contentment

Lately I have noticed that if it's raining outside we complain that we can't go out to play.  If it's not raining then it's too hot.  I'm trying to be better about not complaining and saying anything negative about the weather or anything else for that matter.  It seems that our human minds tend to focus on the negative.  It's been an unseasonably cool and wet summer and I've heard this comment often.  When it starts to come out of my mouth I bite my tongue.  I don't want my children picking up on my discontentment for everything.  I want them to focus on what good is in the day.  I would like for them to have the creative minds to figure out what to do with themselves on a rainy afternoon.  They are old enough to entertain themselves and by the way I'm not talking about watching a movie.  I mean serious productive ways to pass the time.  Go through a drawer in their room and organize it, play a board game; you know things like that.  I wrote in my thankfulness journal every day of the month in July.  I've been drawing closer to the Lord as I find things to be thankful for and do less complaining.  Besides, the things and people I complain about are not really my business and there's nothing I can do about the situations.  When faced with that type of situation we should ask  the Lord to reveal who we need to encourage or who we need to serve.  I've found that serving should be something that Christians make a point of doing.  It's an amazing feeling.  But we must do it with the right heart.  I've often times noticed that we as humans may do something for someone else expecting something in return.  Jesus wants us to serve expecting a harvest and nothing more.  I am reminded of the saying "We reap what we sew."  Give someone your time and God will bless you with more time.  Serve at your church and you will find your church serving you.

I am so thankful for the peace that God gives me through these lifte lessons.  I have so many more that He has taught me but I just don't have the time today to name them all.  I thought I would just post one a day.   I hope that this little tidbit has been encouraging for the readers.  If ever my posts seem condemning to any of you, just know that I was preached to first and I was taught the lesson first.  I have had some major spiritual growing pains lately.  I have did some Good Morning Girl online studies in Proverbs 31, Colossians, Advent Study, and we just did a book study on the book Anything by Jennie Allen.  They have all been amazing but this last one with the book study has really changed how I look at myself.  Without Jesus I am nothing.  It's Him being in me that gives me the ability to do what I do.  I allow Him to guide me in each step in my life.  No I'm not perfect.  Not even close but I strive to live Christ like as I can get.  I love everyone and I hope that in the next few weeks my posts are an encouragement to all who reads.

In His Grip,



  1. WOW! What a powerful message! I am moved to look at my negativity & find contentment. Love & miss ya! Laurie

  2. Thank you! I'm glad it has encouraged you. We miss y'all too! Would love to see you August 6 at 3PM Covenant Church in Douglas for our first CCCHE meeting of the year.